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Our Certifications

When I decided to open my online laboratory, I wanted my candles to be made with organic beeswax and possibly of Italian or European origin. In any case, I make sure that the companies I source from, small or large, treat bees well and offer 100% natural wax.

At the moment I could not find an Italian company with an excellent quality / price ratio.

Every week I spend some of my time looking for new suppliers, hoping sooner or later to find a national company that will allow me to add: “Entirely made in Italy” on the packaging of my candles, and sooner or later I will find it!

“Natural product 100% organic beeswax”

“Guarantee for pure beeswax”
“Trade association of beekeeping equipment”

At the moment I chose a German company for beeswax and a French company from Marseille for soybean.

The German organic beeswax is excellent and has a very intense honey scent and a fantastic consistency especially the yellow one.

French wax soy has a short supply chain and comes from a small, environmentally friendly, family-run business.

I dedicate myself with the utmost commitment to offer you eco-sustainable products and packaging that are as natural as possible.
I am always open to advice and suggestions!