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Hi! I am the Stregatta!

I am a small artisan who wants to get involved and put all her creativity into play to offer her customers unique items that are difficult to find in other stores, because … well, because everything you find on my site is done entirely by me!

From candles, to containers, to boxes and figurines and various and useful objects, everything comes from my imagination!

So you will hardly find an object equal to the other!

However, I do my utmost to offer you extreme precision, even those times when you will be the one asking me to make more objects of the same type and color! I will do it with great pleasure!

The beeswax that I propose for my candles is of organic origin and the soy wax is certified non-GMO and Vegan, these are European suppliers who have small-medium sized companies, and who guarantee to carry out their work with care and dedication, just like me!

Ceramic plaster, also called ceramic powder or synthetic plaster, is a very fine and white powder, which is mixed with water and dries in the air: it is completely natural and non-toxic, as it comes from the cooking and subsequent grinding of particular pure stones; it is in fact composed on average of 98% of Calcium Sulphate. However, its processing makes it extremely resistant, even 10-15 times more than common plaster.

The resin consists of two components, one of which allows drying without cooking. Both transparent and saturated color objects are obtained, with a consistency similar to plastic and very resistant.

I have chosen to accompany each object with a gift box, so that you don’t have to think about it: what a gift it would be without a beautiful packaging!

The packaging for shipping, on the other hand, is ecological and / or recyclable, or recycled; I try in every way to safeguard our beautiful planet Earth: after all it is enough that your objects arrive at your home protected and in perfect condition, if the box is not new, what does it matter?

And now I thank you infinitely for reading me and I let you peek through all these interesting objects .. I know, I’m biased! .. I’m sure you will find something that will suit you, or to give to someone you care about.

Bye! And thanks!



what makes us proud of our work


Our beeswax is certified organic
Soy wax is pure and non-GMO
The Ceramic Plaster is non-toxic

We are always very careful in the choice of materials


Our products are strictly
hand made
hand painted


La Stregatta undertakes
to customize their creations
at the customer's request

Measurements, weights and images are always exactly representative of the object, except for customized creations


Organic beeswax

We source beeswax from a German company that was among the few to be able to provide us with a certification that guarantees beeswax as organic and to have a very pure product without residues that alter its appearance and density.

Non-GMO soy wax

We buy our soy wax from a small French company based in Marseille. Again, it was one of the few companies to provide us with a certification that guarantees soy wax as natural non-GMO.

We are constantly looking for quality raw materials, we would like to work with Italian suppliers, but for the moment we have not yet been able to find anyone able to give us the same quality guarantees as those used so far.

When we have finished our research we will be happy to show their certificates and logos on this page.

La Stregatta and her Staff


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Thank you for believing in us from the first moment, without hesitation, doubts or uncertainties.
Your help was essential to make the Stregatta’s dream come true.


Thank you for your help with our first steps, moral support and valuable advice.


The most patient person we know, he always kept calm even in the face of our constant requests.
Thanks for your beautiful drawings.


With your experience you have dispelled many doubts and made it easier to endure everyday difficulties.


Thanks for the time you have dedicated to us despite the many commitments.
Your downplaying and debunking every problem helped us get here.

Finally, thanks to all of you who visit this site, because it is thanks to you if we can

work doing what we like.